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Donate Now to Help the Greyhound Alliance!

Join us on Saturday, June 13th!!!!

The Greyhound Alliance will be having a fund raiser for The Sunburst Project on June 13th at Nonna Graziella Cucina Italiana in Stone Park, from 12 noon to 4pm

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This is a photo of Sunburst's shy, sweet Rita - she came to the Sunburst Kennel unable to see. A consult with the veterinarian opthamalogists revealed that "all functional vision is lost" - Rita is blind due to juvenile cataracts. Please join us and follow Rita's journey to life with vision - she begins her journey north next weekend with a wonderful volunteer bringing her to us. She will shortly after have corrective surgery at Eye Care for Animals with Dr. Samuel and Dr. Collins (who trained at the University of Wisconsin to become a Board Certified Canine opthamologist), and will have the love and care of a wonderful foster home for her post-surgery treatments and appointments. Rita will turn 2 years old on May 23 - a tribute to her past, and a celebration of her future - with sight. If you would like to contribute to Rita's medical expenses, please click on the Donate Now button above. Thank you!!!!

Our Mission

The Greyhound Alliance is dedicated to greyhound welfare, facilitating greyhound adoption and furthering education and support for greyhound owners, potential adopters, and the community at large. Whether through education, fundraising, or more hands-on efforts like transport and placement, we are committed to doing our part.