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The Greyhound Alliance is dedicated to greyhound welfare, facilitating greyhound adoption and furthering education and support for greyhound owners, potential adopters, and the community at large. Whether through education, fundraising, or more hands-on efforts like transport and placement, we are committed to doing our part.

Our Contributors

The Greyhound Alliance is comitted to supporting greyhound adoption and welfare. This is made possible by the generosity of our many supporters. Many thanks to all of them!!

Richard Aguilar
Charles Bauer
Nancy Beamer
Cara Brockoff
Eloise Butters
Maureen Carden
Deborah Clark
Susan Conrad
Kristen Coppolino
Marge Curtis
Laurie Davis
Patricia Dillman
Norman Finkel
Nadine Fraulini
Mary Gawenda
Nicole Glovier
Susanne Gillette
Caroline Gore
Judith Greenfield
Greyhound Angel Network
Shelly Harris
Pam Hendrix
Elizabeth Holmes
Carolie Horvath
Sarina Hulse
Brenda Ivity
J Jones II
Kim and Bruce Jones
Marianne Kasper
Steve & Debbie Murdock
John Neff
Linda S. Nelson
Patrick T. Nichols
Myrtle Oberly
Nancy Odell
Patricia Prine
Veronica Radeke
Retired Greyhound Athletes
Rock Your Pets
Marne Rogers
Eileen Saks
Janet Sible
John Spies
SmartHound Fashions
Tiffany Spurlock
Janet Swanson
Gina Trippi
Beth Wade Design
Robin Waldman
Shaunda Whitworth
Toni Willey
Mike Wujek
Mitchell Zoet

Donations are appreciated so that we may continue our support.

Online contributions are processed through Paypal, and you can select contribution amounts from below. You can charge to a credit card or through a paypal account if you have one. It is not necessary to create a Paypal account to charge to a credit card. The Greyhound Alliance is an Illinois and 501c3 not for profit organization.

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Donations can also be made to:
The Greyhound Alliance
P.O. Box 5803
River Forest, Il 60305-5803

Thanks once again to all of the supporters who help make our much-needed work possible.