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About The Sunburst Project

Rich and Jerrie Ingersoll, co-founders of The Greyhound Alliance,
named this unprecedented effort to home Panhandle greyhounds
for the spirit of one of their true friends, Nicklaus.

“Nicklaus, our first greyhound, was our inspiration
to help as many greyhounds as possible
find forever homes.  He truly brought a ‘burst of sunlight’ into our lives
that continues to shine through The Sunburst Project.”
Rich and Jerrie

The Sunburst Project was developed as part of the good work of The Greyhound Alliance, and was designed to move Florida retiring greyhounds to non-racing states.  The Alliance opened its Sunburst Kennel at the Ebro Greyhound Park in the Florida Panhandle on August 1, 2011, with the goal of finding homes for as many retiring racing greyhounds from the Florida tracks as possible.

Since then, The Project has moved over 3,000 retired racing greyhounds from our Sunburst Kennel to 35 adoption groups in 22 states and Canada — an unprecedented record. The Project has grown to include taking in retiring racers from all of the Florida tracks.

Ebro Greyhound Park donates the space and pays utilities for the Sunburst Kennel, which houses 70 greyhounds.   The Alliance pays for one full-time and one part-time kennel helper, and all other kennel expenses: food, kennel supplies, wormer, flea and tick products, medications, and fuel and maintenance costs for a truck and hauler to move the greyhounds for vetting, medical, and emergency care with local veterinarians. The Project also pays one-half of haul fees to move the retirees to adoption groups.

The Sunburst Project is a 100% volunteer organization, and is funded and operates solely on donations, grants, and fundraisers.

We welcome your questions and support – thank you!


Linda Cliffel, Executive Director, The Sunburst Project 





To donate to The Sunburst Project, click HERE

100% of donations go DIRECTLY to provide transportation, food, boarding and medical costs for the Florida greyhounds.